Cancer survivors often struggle with long-term side effects beyond treatment. Exercise has been proven to diminish these difficulties and improve their quality of life. However, working out independently can be challenging – even if the intention and desire is there. Survivors often do not have confidence in their physical abilities, especially without guidance or supervision. Loops helps cancer survivors form healthy habits.

By listening to stories and feedback from members of our target group, ensures that this solution targets their true needs. The challenge was twofold: 1) there is a lack of support when patients transition from treatment in the hospital to being at home, and 2) physiotherapists do not always get sufficient psycho-behavioral training which provides rationale as to why survivors cannot accomplish their goals.

Loops helps cancer survivors to maintain a certain level of fitness and strengthen their confidence in the body so that they can stay active independently. In the app, they form groups with other individuals who are familiar with the challenges that come after cancer. They reach the collective goal by staying active – visually represented by a loop, which comes from the concept of a relay race.

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