NetBackup™ Flex Scale

NetBackup™ Flex Scale is a scale-out data protection solution that combines some of the "best-of-breed" features from other appliance offerings from Veritas™. The aim was to create an evolved, user- and cloud-friendly experience that would elevate Veritas™ competitively in the data protection appliance space. I contributed to the onboarding and configuration flows, dashboard visualization, support, and other flows.


UI Shell

I had the chance to work on the UI shell component for the design library in order to create a more uniform experience across Veritas™ products. Along with the look and feel of the component itself, I worked on outlining the interaction and behavior of the UI shell in different scenarios and flows, as well as proposed how users would interact with it once products would start shifting to mobile experiences. The component was integrated into the Design Language, both as a symbol in the Sketch library, as well as an angular component for developers to leverage.

The goal of this project was to determine what aspects are needed in a UI shell for the Veritas™ Design Language and how users interact with it. Prior to this exercise, there were neither standards for the UI shell, nor a component in the Design Language that designers and developers could leverage while building experiences.