Since the COVID-19 pandemic, online grocery shopping has become essential; in the Netherlands alone, online grocery market turnover increased significantly in 2020. Supermarkets face pressure to provide a digital shopping experience that parallels in-person shopping.

PLUS is a supermarket franchise in the Netherlands that focuses on creating a personalized experience for customers at each branch. PLUS has an existing online ecosystem, however their customers continue to shop in physical stores. A disparity between their physical and virtual shopping spaces is the lack of inclusion of local goods. PLUS’s greatest strength is knowing their customers, and this personal approach needed to be reflected in the digital space.

We were focused on two main challenges. First, the local products are different in every store and they rotate on a regular basis, and updating the latest product selection online requires significant effort. As a result, the online product offering does not reflect the specialized goods that are offered at the stores.

The other problem arises during the ordering process: communication issues often occur between the employees and customers. Aside from phone calls, there is no other way for them to reach each other.

We came up with innovative concepts that benefited all parties involved in the shopping experience. Our aim was to encourage awareness and use of the mobile application for PLUS customers, as well as streamline and add functionality for franchisers and PLUS employees.

By adding a personal approach to the app, we reflected the values of the physical PLUS stores in the digital space. The features we implemented are future-proof and make sure that PLUS is equipped to grow their business online.